Our Service Principles

  • Friendly, customer-oriented service
  • Solution-oriented, individual case processing
  • Transparency and constant dialog with customers
  • Long opening hours at all locations
  • 24/7 hotline advice
  • Service in English and many other languages
  • Constant improvement and updating of services
  • Uniform quality standards
  • Systematic case management
  • Continual evaluation of customer satisfaction
  • Continuing education for all employees

The values that guide us:

We are led by our hearts and minds

We are led by our hearts and minds, and both play a part in all our decisions. The idea of offering social services on the free market arose in the heart. Today, it is implemented profitably. We work with both our hearts and our minds, so we can offer our customers support in emotional areas, uncover financial potential, and operate our company economically.

Flexibility: Our strength and our standard

Flexibility is our strength as well as the standard to which we hold ourselves. We are flexible in responding to our customers' wishes, as well as in finding effective and feasible solutions. We expect commitment and dedication from our employees in a number of ways, and at the same time have a wealth of choices available to meet their work-life balance needs.

Respect: For the values and lifestyle choices of every individual

Our respect for the private lives and lifestyles of each individual determines how we do our work. Respect is foremost in our dealings with customers, within our company and with individuals throughout society. In return we expect to be treated with respect by the people at our contracting companies as well as our partners. We respect not only the private lives and lifestyles of all individuals, but also the individual needs and talents of the people in our care.

Continuing development: Our ideal and our responsibility

We see continuing development and education as a responsibility. We have a responsibility to develop our product continually. In doing so, we support both our customers and our company. We promote the people and the talents in our company, in our customers' companies, and most of all, in the children who are entrusted to our care. We give our employees both the space and the responsibility they need for work-related and personal development.

Trust: The basis of all our relationships

Trust is the basis of all our relationships. From our employees and partners we expect complete confidence and reliability, while as a company we show them the same. The honesty and discretion we exercise towards our customers promotes a trusting relationship for all concerned.

Diversity: It determines our success

We live out our diversity to the fullest, because diversity is what determines our success. We respect differences and explicitly promote diversity within in our company. We intend to make an active contribution to ensuring that diversity is seen by other companies – and society in general – as logical and beneficial. Together we want to exemplify and deepen these values in our growing company and our changing world.

Professionalism: It marks our solutions and concepts

We create professional solutions in the entire realm of work-life balance issues. We have the expertise it takes to develop high quality concepts in the areas of work-life balance and diversity, and to adapt internationally tested concepts to the market and make them available to an ever wider public.